Church Administration

I am for administration in the church.  I have first hand seen a church without organization and it is not pretty.  I have seen how efficient organization prevents potential issues, plans effectively for future events and most of all helps a pastor lead a congregation in a neat and tidy fashion.  Whether the church is small or large, organization is important.

A very simple example of church organization is on display once a person enters a church.  An organized usher board has the entry manned with friendly well uniformed greeters who can promptly escort an entrant to one’s seat.  I have unfortunately been to enough churches where one can walk in then have to seek out for oneself a place to sit.  This can be extremely disruptive particularly for those entering after a service has commenced.  As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  In this instance, where an usher board delivers subpar service, a first impression is not a good impression and a visitor who was on the fence about joining the church may not return.  A non-believer who is uncertain about the church will have a bad first impression to reflect on.  Though this is a superficial evaluation, how the ushers operate as a unit can dictate how noisy and uninterrupted a service can flow.  The impression one takes from a service will in many instances dictate one’s impression of a church and unfortunately, for many perception is everything.  What one may perceive is a disorganized service, which becomes their perception of the church.

Organization facilitates efficiency and effectiveness.  It helps make the best use of resources which allows a church to best pursue its mission, making, marking and maturing disciples.  Disorganization facilitates waste of financial, and human resources. Organization is needed to achieve certain tasks.  Without organization, the ability to make the most of what God has bestowed becomes more challenging than necessary.  Though anything is possible with God, we can make certain things easier, but being organized.

Administration is there to allow the ministers to spread the Gospel.  As in Acts 5 , where the apostles had become overwhelmed having to handle the charitable services of the church along with the duties of making disciples, administrators allow the ministers and teachers, to minister and teach.  Administrators allow leaders to focus on the big picture without being over burdened by mundane details.  Administrators help to facilitate the action necessary to materialize a leader’s plan.  The competence of an administration can free up a leader to lead or its incompetence can be an anchor that weighs down one.  Despite the importance of the administration, I challenge administrators in a church to understand that its primary role is to serve, not to be served.

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