The Mark 16:15 Commission is here to teach, preach and spread the Gospel. We have a specific interest in showing that love is the universal culture that transcends and supersedes all natural and manmade segmentations i.e. race, national origin, gender, economic status and religion included. Join us each week for a contemporary message or for our periodic podcasts pertaining to contemporary matters. Stay tuned for We Can Get Down, our podcast where we civilly debate contemporary matters from a progressive and conservative perspective.  Contact us for a prayer request, or book us and subscribe.

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Prayer Everyday, All of the time

It is easy to forget to pray because though we talk to our…

Chickens Do Come Home to Roost

We want our babies, our boys and girls to grow up to be respectful, respectable, assets to society, individuals who love one another, who love God. If we reap what we sow, what does that mean we must do? We must put into them, we must posit in them the ingredients that will deliver what we desire. Songs such as Beauty Queen by Serge, Today by Gemstones, and a personal favorite, Man Up Anthem by 116 in contrast to Kill You, accomplish such. T