Why Jesus for Me?

Me and Jesus!!


There are over 5000 gods worshipped throughout the world.  Why should I worship a god at all, or even better the God of Christianity?


The God of Christianity is the only God of Grace.  All other religious idols have a system of rules or pillars that they must follow so that they can get to heaven or paradise.  This Grace means that he has given us access to him despite not deserving it.  He has given us this gift and shown us how to receive it.  He came to us as a demonstration of His love for us while we were still sinners.    He gave us His only fathered son so that if we believe in His son, we shall not perish, or go to hell, but one day live with Him in eternity.  Not only did he send His son to die, but He rose from the grave.  The other stuff is generous, it is nice, but this is Godly.  He showed the power of God but raising from the dead showing that He in fact could in fact give us life everlasting.  He is the only religious head that is not dead.  At the time of His death and for two thousand years people have searched for his body and it has not been found. The Bible which recited God’s relationship with man states that He is not here, he has risen, just as he said. The God of Christianity is living, no others are.


Why do I have to believe in Jesus to worship the God of Christianity?


I believe that He was born via immaculate conception as God fathered Him and Mary birthed him.  If He could create the heavens and the earth, He could create Adam from the dirt, He could certainly produce an immaculate conception.    This was after several thousands of years in relationship with the Israelites with whom God sent message after message after message, prophecy after prophecy after prophecy.  Jesus fulfilled at least 300 prophecies.  From Gen 3   The serpent and the “seed” of Eve will have conflict; the offspring of the woman will crush the serpent. Jesus is this seed, and He crushed Satan at the cross to, God promised Abraham the whole world would be blessed through him. Jesus, descended from Abraham, is that blessing to Jesus said He will be delivered to the chief priests and scribes, killed, and rise again three days later.  He fulfilled all the prophecies about him from the Old testament.  He fulfilled the prophecies He spoke of while He walked the Earth, and we are told that He will return for His church, an event aka the Rapture.  I want to be caught up in the rapture…His church is those that genuinely believe in Him.



There are several books of worship.  Why should I follow the Bible?


It has never been proven false.  I believe that truth does exist and it is possible to verify the truthfulness of those affirmations.  The Bible was written primarily in two languages, Hebrew and Greek, which are two vastly different languages. It was penned by 40 plus authors 66 books over a 1,500-year period some are philosophy, poetry, history, some are theology.  Now if the Bible made assertions that proved to be wrong in theology, history or otherwise we would have reason to believe that we cannot trust this document. However, no other book has come under as much scrutiny as the Bible and for those who do more than a cursory glance at statements searching for apparent contradictions, it has shown to be supported by other historical documents.


Let me make this point.  Many religions claim their book to be perfect as well, and or the perfect representation of their deity in their original form.  i.e. the Muslims claim the Koran is the perfect written reflection of Allah.


However, this book is hugely different any other book.   It was hand copied by detail-oriented scribes on degradable materials, historically covers a span of over 3,000 years and over time rulers such as Nero have attempted to wipe it off the face of the earth. These details would render any human authored writing to be chock full of errors, self-contradiction and obvious falsehoods let alone to likely vanish from human existence, lost in the annals of time. However, the Bible, remains with us, intact and without obvious error. Such inerrancy cannot reasonably be attributed to anything but divine assistance, inspiration, and preservation.


Jesus believed in and preached the inerrancy of Scripture as He lived in accordance to it, specifically endorsed it, continuously quoted law and prophecy, referred to it as the true Word of God, recognized its historicity and fulfilled many of its prophecies.  Via the authority vested in Him by God the Father, He delegated authority to His disciples who wrote of His life and teachings under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to establish the New Testament which along with the Old Testament constitute the inerrant Bible.  The Bible fails or succeeds based on who Jesus is and what He said because of the extent of the Scriptures that is dedicated to prophecy of His incarnation, His teachings, miracles, and the continued revelation that He authorized and empowered after His ascension.  Jesus Christ made it pretty clear.  If we have a regard for consistency we must believe in both Christ and Biblical inerrancy or neither. Jesus Himself laid this choice before us, “If ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” He absolutely believed wholeheartedly in the Scriptures.


Jesus Abided by and Fulfilled the Law of the OT Scriptures

Jesus Relied on the Scriptures to Reveal who He IS

Jesus Relied on the Power of the Scripture to Combat the Devil

Jesus Relied on Scripture to Correct the Legalists of His Day

Jesus used the Scriptures as a Historically Correct Guide 


The entire theme of the NT is that God interjected decisively in history as Jesus Christ.  It presents the birth, walk, crucifixion and resurrection. If you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our perfect savior after taking note of the above details one cannot deny the inerrancy of the Bible.  He Himself is the Word. All His words were the Word of God (John 3:34).   If He had so chosen, He could have re-written the Bible and given us a new guide to follow, but He did not.  He followed the Law, fulfilled the prophecy, and provided the detail and authority for the New Testament.  Does that mean that every translation of the Bible, the NIV, the NLT, the King James, the New King James and so on should be treated equally?  That is a different question, but the details of the bible, the consistent statements, stories, point, prayers, and prophecies are lay out God’s guide to us.

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